Promote collaborative thinking in data using machine learning and data science

Statistical Modeling

Our experts are passionate at providing statistical and machine learning solutions to clients including predictive modeling, recommendation engines, clustering, marketing segmentation and others.

Analytics Review

Our experts will analyze your business process and ask the right business questions in order to transform data into insights. Every member of ThinkCol has a business as well as an IT background.

Data Visualization

We will develop state of the art dashboards using the newest technologies out there (QlikView/ Tableau) to provide you with real-time information that is easily digestable.


As part of our mission to make companies in Hong Kong to be self-sustaining in data analytics, we provide training to CIOs and senior manager all across Hong Kong.

Data Warehousing

We understand that creating a data infrastructure that can easily manage data and create data models in this day of age could be a hassle. Our experts will provide self-sustaining solutions to make storing data simple and elegent.

Data Cleansing

We will help you establish a business case for your data cleansing projects and assist you in cleaning your data to meet your analytical objectives.

Our story

We are a data science consulting firm based in Hong Kong promoting self sustaining data solutions.

Our team of experts comprising IT consultants , analysts and data scientists would strive to supplement your business by helping to identify your risks and opportunities and to derive and implement actionable solutions.

We are commited to empower business users through solutions that are intuitive and simple to use.

Our Team

Kane Wu
Data Scientist & Founder
Sam Ho
Data Scientist & Founder
Chester Cheng
Data Science Consultant
Alison Chiu
Data Visualization Specialist

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